How to Find the Perfect Decorative Pillow Insert

Have you ever seen the perfect pillow? It is full, fluffy but dense, and you are able to give it the perfect chop on top. Where are they hiding? The truth is that most retailers do not sell the most ideal pillow inserts. There are 2 things to look for in the best pillow covers:

1) The Best Fill Type

I have found that feather down inserts all the best! Feathers provide the fullness and body, while the down provides the comfort. The ideal ratio is anywhere from 10-20% down to 80-90% feathers. This will be the ratio for a not too firm, but not too soft pillow. It will give you that perfect chopped look. 

Most down pillows you will find at retail stores are 5% down, 90% feather. While these are less expensive, they are a lot stiffer than 10-20% down pillows. They will not hold the puffed shape as well. Also since most of the fill is feathers, there is more of a chance that the feathers will poke out of the pillow.

If you have allergies, down alternative pillows can be a great option! Check out my list of my favorite pillow inserts below.

2) The Best Size

To create the plush full pillow you will need to actually size up when purchasing a pillow insert. A good rule of thumb is 2” all around. For example, if you purchase a 20” square pillow cover, you will need a 22” square pillow insert. This will keep the pillow looking plump and full. There are a couple exceptions to this rule. If your pillow cover is smaller than 18”, only size up 1” all around for your insert. On the flip side, if your pillow cover is larger than 24”, you will need to size your insert 3”-4” larger than the cover. 

Some of My Favorites:

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