My Philosophy

Every home tells a story, so every project I do is centered around reflecting who you are through the design of your space. Each project is unique and special so I will work with you to elevate your home to its full potential while being completely transparent about pricing and the design process.

The Design Process

Your time is valuable so my projects will be fast and seamless. The entire design process happens online, which means your questions won’t rack up fees, and you can collaborate with me from the comfort of your own home. While every project is catered to fit your needs, my standard design process follows 5 steps and typically takes about 3 weeks from start to finish:

  • Getting to Know Your Style – Learning about you, your needs, and what you will love about your new space.
  • Floor Plan – Creating a new layout that makes the most sense for your flow of life.
  • Mood Board – A complete source guide for all the changes, finishes, furniture, and fixtures for your newly designed space.
  • Realistic Rendering – A 3D visualization of your newly designed space so you can see exactly what it will look like before you make any purchases or changes.
  • Ordering and Installation Guidance – If you choose to order with me, I will share my designer discounts and wholesale pricing with you! For installation I provide detailed instructions so you can easily put together your new space. White glove delivery and installation is available for most projects.

Nice To Meet You!

A beautiful space can transform your life and I want to give everyone the ability to make that change. A great design should be accessible to everyone no matter budget or location and Transparent Interiors reflects this.

Designing is my passion, job, and hobby, but I also am a full time traveler with my wonderful husband. Check out my instagram to see where we are in the world currently. Designing remotely has given me the great opportunity to travel and gain inspiration from different cultures around the world.

Reach out and I would love to chat with you about your design project!


Let’s Talk About Your Design!