5 Ways to Display Art Above the Sofa

Gallery Wall

While some people think the gallery walls are phasing out, I think they are here to stay! Gallery walls are a great way to combine a lot of your favorite pieces that don’t seem to work anywhere else, but you cannot bear for them not to be displayed. Combine a lot of different looks for a more curated style and keep similar frames for something a little more classic and traditional. 


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Art Shelf(s)

This is a new trend for displaying art and I love it! Like the gallery wall, you can display a ton of art that may not necessarily “go” together. The one perk of the shelf is that you can also display decorative items, or even more functional pieces such as a candle, plants, or even smaller storage boxes.


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This is a very classic look that gives you clean lines, simplicity, and symmetry. I love this way of hanging because you can easily purchase a bunch of the same frames to create this look. Try incorporating family photos in an arrangement like this.


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2 Of The Same Size

Modern simplicity at its finest. To create this look, find 2 pieces that compliment each other, either the same color palette. or balancing themes and patterns. You can see in the image that the 2 pieces don’t have to be the same or even the same subject to look amazing!


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1 Large Piece 

Do you want to make a big statement or maybe want to keep things minimal fuss? This is a great approach, choosing one piece of artwork that speaks to you or that completes your room is a great visual statement item for any space!


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