How to Update an Apartment Living Room for Under 1K

You should live in a space you love and it doesn’t take a huge budget to make a big difference! I met my 2 wonderful clients years ago and worked with them on a new design for their home after they got married. They wanted a space that they both loved, but needed to keep most of what they already owned. We were able to make a big difference with a few small updates that won’t break the bank.

4 Small Updates that Make a Huge Difference

1) Slipcover Your Sofa

A new sofa is a big investment and sometimes it is not in the budget. When this is the case, slipcover your existing sofa for a whole new look. The slipcover you choose will make a HUGE difference, so make sure to select the correct size and fit for your sofa. I prefer a cotton duck material. These look very high end and will not pill easily. Here are a few of my favorites below:

2) Buy High Quality Pillow Inserts with Inexpensive Pillow Covers

When you purchase pillow covers and inserts seperately you can swap out the covers as seasons or styles change, while still keeping your high quality pillow inserts. You can find very inexpensive pillow covers on Etsy and Amazon. Read how to find the best pillow inserts here. Here are some of my favorite inserts and covers below:

3) Create a Light Color Palette with Light Colored Rugs, Curtains, and Pillows

If you want to create a fresh and soft room, a great place to start is by adding light colored layers. Even if you have blinds, adding curtains will bring in a softer layer to the space. Click here to learn the best way to hang curtains in your space. Starting with a light colored rug base will make even heavy dark furniture feel lighter.

4) Add Greenery

Live or faux plants bring life to a space! My all time favorite budget faux fiddle, as seen in the photos above, is super inexpensive and adds so much to any space. Click here for my list of my favorite faux plants. If you prefer live plants, there are a lot of varieties that don’t require much attention if you don’t have a green thumb. Visit your local nursery and chat with them about what plants will work best in your space.

Want to work together on your space? See your space come alive before making any purchases. Check out the renderings for this budget living room refresh:

Lets work together on your design project?

**This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase from my links at no extra cost to you, which I’ll probably spend on lots of plants…lets be honest….**

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