4 Tips For Creating A Boho Bedroom

The bohemian (or boho) decor look has been around for a long time and the great thing about it is that there is no perfect way to do it – you can make it completely your own! Bohemian design is an eclectic grouping of lots of things grouped together to make an earthy and cozy environment! Here are some tips and tricks to get started with your bohemian escape:

1) Use natural materials and textures

Greenery, organic textiles, fluffy grass stems, rattan, etc… all these are great and the more the better! Organic materials and actual green life will bring nature inside and create the oasis you are after.

2) Layer it up!

Asking yourself if you should add another layer of blankets, or another photo to the gallery wall, or even one more candel to the shelf? Bohemian does not necessarily mean minimalist, although it can definitely be that. Layer different textures, styles, and materials is a way to make a big impact. For instance, in this design I layered vases of pampas grass to add an earthy flair. Are 2 vases of pampas grass necessary? No, but does it look amazing and natural? Yes!

3) Keep it neutral with calming colors

Like I said before, bohemian style is great because you can make it your own, but I like to start my bohmeian designs with a nice white paint base! You can definitely take this many directions, but for me, it is all about keeping things natural and neutral! Some of my favorite calming paint colors are Simply White, Dune White, and Dove White, all by Benjamin Moore. All three have warm undertones.

4) Make it your own with eclectic vintage items!

Make a run to your local vintage store and do some digging! Some of the best bohemian pieces are second hand or antique. Mix and match and have fun!

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