When to Use a Gallery Wall

When to use A Gallery Wall…

Gallery walls are everywhere and have become one of the biggest design trends! I love them and I think they are here to stay. They are a great way to incorporate lots of art into any space, but when is the right time to use a gallery wall? A gallery wall is not the only stylish way to incorporate artwork into the home. Trends can be overdone and more importantly, not executed correctly. So, how do you know if your space is best suited for a gallery wall? Here are 2 quick questions to ask yourself before you start measuring and hammering away:


Why do I want a gallery wall?

This should always be the first question to ask yourself before starting any project, but it is very important to think about before making marks on your home. Firstly, is this the best way to show off your art? Some art is best displayed alone so it can be the focal point of the space. Is your style more minimalistic and modern? Gallery walls can sometimes be distracting from the simplistic design of the rest of the room. The best thing to do is narrow down what style your room is and then decide if a gallery wall will fit within that style. Maybe one huge piece of art would better fill that space above your sofa then a bunch of small pieces. Lastly, if you want a gallery wall because it is the trendy thing to do, I will warn you that it is sometimes difficult to arrange the art up perfectly and curate the perfect collection. Gallery walls can look amazing if done correctly, but if the space is not measured or the art is not positioned right, then the dream wall can easily become a big headache.

where am i putting my gallery wall?

Whether you are using command strips or hanging your artwork with nails, these solutions can sometimes or always leave marks on your walls that are very annoying to cover or fix. It is better to think through the exact location of every piece of artwork that will be going into the gallery wall before you begin hanging. There are a ton of great tutorials out there for hanging a gallery wall. My favorites recommend taping up pieces of butcher paper, that have been cut to the exact sizes of the artwork. This way you can see the layout on the wall before committing 100%. I have included a link to a great gallery wall tutorial below!


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Click here for a Gallery Wall Tutorial!

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