Living in an Airbnb – The 3 Things to Look for and the Best Questions to Ask

Airbnb: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Booking a place online is always a risk. What if the photos are misleading? What if there are super loud upstairs neighbors? What if the bed is uncomfortable? These are all questions to consider when looking for a great Airbnb.

Booking a long term Airbnb is an even bigger risk. What if all those issues come up, but then you are stuck there for a month, or longer… I have been traveling and using Airbnb for years, but have recently learned that booking for a long term visit comes with a bit more complication. Here are my tips for booking a long term Airbnb, what to look for, what questions to ask, and what to avoid.

Airbnb: Memphis, TN

1) Location

This is what everyone usually looks for first when booking a place and there are the obvious things to check for like safety or how close it is to the best coffee shop in town, however there are some considerations that usually get overlooked when finding a long term stay. There is a pretty big difference between that perfect location and an actual liveable spot.

  • Is it a stand alone building or an apartment? 2 words: Noisy Neighbors. Check the reviews for this one or message the host. When your next door neighbor’s baby is crying all night or a bachelorette party just checked into the room above you, you will wish you had….
  • Is the area of town known for nightlife? A central location in the middle of the action may be perfect for that weekend trip, but for a long term stay, I prefer getting a good nights sleep.
  • Staying in a thriving neighborhood may sound great, but make sure to ask your host if there is construction going on in the area. Waking up to the sound of jackhammers every morning will get old.
  • Will you have a car? If not, is your Airbnb located near public transportation or in a walkable area?
Airbnb: Buenos Aires, Argentina

2) Amenities

A photo is worth a thousand words, but a pretty photo can also hide the important details. If you are going to be living in an Airbnb there are probably some things that won’t be perfect, but the goal is to enjoy your stay. Take a look around your current house and ask: what can I not live without? Maybe it is great water pressure or a 10″ skillet in the kitchen, or even in unit laundry? Regardless, here a few things that I always check for when looking for a long term Airbnb.

  • Is there a fully STOCKED kitchen? I love to cook, and save money, so having a functioning kitchen is a priority. I always double check that there are pots, pans, mixing bowls, cutting boards, can openers, etc.. These things are usually hidden in the photos so it is always better to double check. If there is something you cannot go without, maybe consider bringing it. We always travel with our AeroPress coffee maker just in case… because coffee is the most important!
  • Is the bed comfy? If you can sleep anywhere this may not be an issue, but I always check all the reviews to see if someone has mentioned this detail.
  • What would you wake up and miss during your travels? Not sure if your Airbnb has it? When in doubt, message the host and ask.
Airbnb: Buenos Aires, Argentina

3) The Space

How will you be using your space? Working from home? Cooking? Entertaining? These are all important factors to consider when looking for that perfect long term Airbnb. Curtis and I work full time while we travel so having work space in our home is a priority. Usually I like to look for a cute coffee shop to work at, but right now a home office big enough for the 2 of us is essential. Remember, this will be your home so even though that tiny house is adorable, is that realistically enough space?

  • Will you be taking video calls in your space? If so, and if you are traveling with a partner, maybe consider a second bedroom or a nice outdoor patio.
  • Like to do home workouts? Double check that you have enough floor space or can move things around to best suit your lifestyle.
  • Is it a beautiful space? I work best when I love my surroundings, so I always look for a beautiful Airbnb.

Do you travel full time? What do you look for in a long term rental property? We would love to hear about your experiences so leave us a comment!

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