Design with Your Voice

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and felt right at home? The house may be well designed and beautiful, but something is different. This is the feeling of a space that has a story and everything has a place and a purpose. The pieces are carefully curated, the flow of the floor plan thoughtful, and the design reflects the people who live there.

You do not need to purchase anything brand new to create an amazing design! To prove this I am currently designing my entire home without purchasing anything brand new, excluding finishes and fixtures(flooring, paint, sinks, raw materials, etc..). I will be using previously purchased items, up-cycling items I currently own or purchased second hand, and building my own pieces.  Up-cycling is the process of taking an existing product and giving it new life. This might mean painting it, re-finishing, new upholstery, or maybe using parts of the item to create something completely new. By doing this, the piece takes on a new voice, while still keeping its existing history. A home feels more comfortable when we are surrounded by items that are meaningful and give us joy. When we know the story, we love it even more. My goal as a designer is to give my clients an environment that gives them joy, while also providing a new updated design.

I do not have an agenda against new things. I love walking into a local design store and admiring all the beautiful pieces. When you walk into a well designed space you cannot help but notice the allure, regardless if the budget for that space was $20,0000 or $3,000. There is a time and place to purchase new things, but you never have to do this and that is what most people do not realize.

Why am I doing this crazy thing and not purchasing new items for my home?… Because I believe so strongly in my own theory, I want to prove it. Humans are consumers by nature. We desire the latest and greatest. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, but when the items we consume and purchase begin to clutter our lives or create stress, then they begin to take away from things that are actually important to us, like our time, relationships, and the things that give us joy. By keeping items that we love or making changes to items we already own, we can counteract the consumer mindset and make a small difference in our lives and the world, while sticking to a budget!

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