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I don’t know about you, but I love an organized kitchen! The trick is actually keeping it that way… For me, I tend to keep things cleaner and clutter free when there is nothing on my counter and when everything I need is in plain sight. One way I do this is by incorporating open storage solutions in my kitchen. I find open storage accessible and keeps me accountable for my clutter. Here are two ideas that I have used in my kitchen.

DIY Open Spice Shelf

When cooking, I find it so convenient when I can see all of my spices! I have tried boxes, drawers, and many other solutions, but the open shelf has worked the best for me while other solutions lead to chaos and a lot of clean-up

I made my own spice shelf here and it is a super easy afternoon project. I created this one with a few wall mounted brackets, and stained wood pieces. Simply secure the brackets to the underside of the wood piece, and then secure the bracket to the wall. Easy as that! Having an open spice shelf clears up counter and cabinet space, by also giving you easy visual access to all your spices!

Open Cabinets

One easy open shelf solution is to simply remove the cabinet doors from your existing cabinets. You can even paint the back of the cabinet to match the wall color, to give a more “shelf” like look or even add a great accent color into your space! 

When styling these shelves, think about balance and making things as accessible as possible. For instance, I keep my cookbooks, glasses, oils, and cutting boards on the lower shelves because I use those items the most. I keep my mixing bowls and baking dishes on the higher ones. When in doubt, add a fun little plant for some color interest and because plants are always great! Decorative accents are great, but try to limit them so your shelves look clean and clutter free!

More Open Shelf Ideas and Tips:

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